YEAR: 2022 – Present

AREA: Distribution & Sales,

Launched in 1980 in Bologna, Exilia is the legacy of a dedicated entrepreneurial family with combined experience in the lingerie industry. In 2021, Giada Nava took the helm of this business, developing a high fashion brand that wants to be international, agile and digital. From trendy pieces to practical undergarments, Exilia brings together three essentials: luxury, comfort and affordability.

The collection defines the silhouettes and volumes of a reinvented Exilia. Observing the heritage of Exilia, our designer identifies the trademarks of the maison and reinterprets them for a new intergenerational era.

This limited capsule consists of well-curated pieces with our signature effortless elegance and versatility, as all items can easily transition from the summer to the fall seasons with adequate styling. We worked with a color palette that easily flows through different seasons.

Exilia is offering up specific loungewear lines that will look just as good on the sofa as they will at a cocktail party; pieces once reserved for the bedroom become street-appropriate with the right styling.

Lingerie as outwear is one trend that is impossible to ignore.

While commonplace today, underwear as outerwear was once a radical fashion statement, with women initially scrutinized for wearing something that empowered them. From corsets of the 18th-century corsetry to whale tails of the 2000s, provocative designs serve as a challenge to society and the status quo. The evolution of this trend proves that it’s okay to wear whatever you want, so long as you wear it with confidence.




ANNO: 2022 – Presente

AREA: Distribution & Sales,

Fondata nel 1980 a Bologna, Exilia è l’eredità di una dedicata famiglia imprenditoriale combinata con esperienza nel settore della biancheria intima. Nel 2021 Giada Nava ha preso il timone di questo business, sviluppando un brand di alta moda che vuole essere internazionale, agile e digitale. Dai pezzi alla moda ai pratici indumenti intimi, Exilia riunisce tre elementi essenziali: lusso, comfort e convenienza.
Exilia consente alle donne di trovare amore per se stesse, forza e sensualità fornendo capi alla moda e convenienti senza compromettere la vestibilità o la qualità. attraverso un approccio di prossimità, aiutiamo le donne a trovare il capo perfetto, a scegliere la taglia perfetta e a mantenerlo favoloso.
Exilia crede che tutti dovrebbero sentirsi belli, sexy e sicuri di sé; indipendentemente dalla loro forma, dimensione o convinzioni, tutti meritano lingerie e abbigliamento da giorno raffinati, di alta qualità e convenienti.



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