YEAR: 2022 – Present

AREA: Distribution & Sales,

“Homeboy”, trusted friend, which evokes the scent of home.
The Italian brand Homie was born, thanks to the creative and innovative spirit of Marco Bortoli, who since 2019 has given life to clothing of women’s pret-à-porter based on his deep passion for fashion and Italian tailoring tradition.
Strong female figures, with independent thinking who opt for a style that goes beyond the limits of time: a concept of comfortable and chic fashion. The purpose? Balancing tailoring and street elements, to create a wardrobe that is not only trendy, but with a low environmental impact.
A fusion between the past and the urban world, able to reinterpret timeless techniques and design, through contaminations from the world of art and international culture. Homie enters in the fashion world with a very specific idea, to create a new daily, everyday luxury. From the finest silks, to the cashmere of the best manufacturing companies, Homie wants to modernize a concept of luxury, brought back into the everyday life of every woman.