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Virginia Signori, founder of Viceversa Consulting, has spent the last 10 years working in the fashion industry across several sectors from sales and marketing through to distribution, for both established and emerging brands. This experience has put her in a unique position to be able to provide a 360 perspective for start-up brands, with the ability to offer deep insight on what it takes to launch a successful brand.

Now based in Milan after previously living and working in New York, with stints in Paris and London, Virginia has extensive experience in the world’s most important fashion markets. This global outlook, coupled with a deep knowledge of the product development process and building brand identity, ultimately led her to establishing her own consultancy.

“…after years of working for some of the world’s leading fashion houses, I felt I had the industry experience, connections and know-how to start my own consultancy based on the idea that by offering a tailored solution for clients’ unique needs, I can help these brands not only grow faster, but also avoid the common pitfalls that beset start-up companies in the highly competitive world of fashion.”

In January 2019 Vice-Versa consulting was established with the goal to assist and advise new and emerging brands up to point where they can walk by themselves, with the mantra that sharing knowledge is strength.

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