YEAR: 2021 – Present

AREA: Distribution & Sales,


In the Florentine hills, Mariapaola Pedetta, set designer, costume designer and stylist, founds DEJAMIS: “deja” – “mis” already put. As the word suggests, the project develops on the idea of ​​creating new outerwear by transforming and redesigning old furs. This is how Mariapaola creates the #nonewfur movement, an ethical supply chain that the designer moves with the help of expert Florentine artisans furriers, creating a new, tailor-made garment, recycling the existing one and giving it a personality, respecting natural and human resources.Each garment is enriched with decorations and fabrics from other cultures, sought after and selected for their beauty and history.
In 2018 Dejamis launched its first collection by reinventing and re-evaluating a garment considered outdated and obsolete: the gilet. Playing with fabrics, decorations and colors, the Dejamis vest becomes a simple, versatile, fun and above all feminine garment. Original pieces of Indian, Ottoman and Afghan ethnic groups are combined with linings of small flowers on soft and colorful Lapin rex.
“Mainly in Tuscany I enter the factories and look for often forgotten fabrics, insert details, original antique pieces, local artifacts that I find in the markets, in the countries of origin, from importers. Every little embroidery found somewhere in the world becomes a perfect detail for the creation of a jacket, a waistcoat. ” – Mariapaola Pedetta