YEAR: 2021 – Present

AREA: Distribution & Sales,

Italian Beachwear because the summer never ends!

The founder’s dream and her love for the sun, the sea, and sunsets gave birth to Liquirizia Beachwear.

The life-long dream finally takes life trough a beachwear brand with a detailed attention to materials and models.

A sea collection addressed to a sophisticated, elegant, and feminine woman, but at the same time lover of the comfort.

The products are 100% Made in Italy, based on the values of sustainability through the use of recycled materials both for the apparel and the packaging, which consists of carry bags, useful for different occasions, produced with eco-friendly materials.

Long lasting bikinis and apparel garments, versatile and easy to maintain for a summer total look to wear from day to night.

Liquirizia supports Cadmi.