YEAR: 2020 – Present

AREA: Distribution & Sales, Product & Merchandising


Adding a contemporary touch to the timeless beauty of a deep water seashell, MSB brings innovation in respect of tradition and valorize the masterful work of Italian artisans.

MSB offers a modern classics combining a funny, reckless approach with a sense of eternity. Its edgy designs appeal to real people and dust off the fluff from this great ancient technique.

Through the centuries, Italian jewellers have developed very intricate and spectacular cameo techniques, turning the rough material into miniature displays of artisanal craftsmanship, sophistication and fantasy.

Like generations ago, cameos are meticulously crafted by hand out of deepwater Cassis madagascariensis seashells, which is the most rare and valuable material due to its greatest color contrast and very slow growth rate. Only 6 specimen out of 100,000 match the high standards of traditional Italian jewellers.

Cameos that they present today are true work of art, unparalleled in size, genuinely crafted by hand.