YEAR: 2020 – Present

AREA: Distribution & Sales, Product & Merchandising



Classic, timeless and essential handcrafted bags, designed in Amsterdam, Made in Italy with artisanal Brazilian fabrics, handwoven by women for women.

Vanessa Saroni’s cultural roots lie in Brazil and Italy, and her look reflects the cultural values ​​of the two countries. She works with communities with ancient weaving traditions, making the most of their natural resources and integrating their specific local talents with modern techniques.

Vanessa Saroni believes in sustainable development  by promoting  environmental conservation and protecting communities. The entire product cycle is consciously designed to encourage cultural, artistic, socio-economic and environmental wellbeing and longevity.

By changing production and consumption patterns, she has committed to generating secure  jobs and income opportunities for local communities. Vanessa Saroni sees this as a responsibility to our socio-environmental legacy.