YEAR: 2023 – Present

AREA: Distribution & Sales,


How to reinterpret the most iconic object of street culture using Italian craftsmanship? Based on the idea of functional art, (skate)board is an aesthetic exercise which aims to give a new feature to an object diverted from its primary function. By removing its wheels and replacing its flimsy board with the firm ever lasting nature of marble, this urban mobility icon is deprived of its key elements; speed and lightness. (skate)board creates a paradox: a fluid shape made for motion, turned static and statutory by the designer’s intervention.

While the world is constantly in a state of motion, people rushing from one thing to the next forgetting to live in the moment, Scalabrini takes this symbol to question our relationship to ephemeral, that he projected in a state of frozen and turned into a sculptural piece of art. Here the skateboard is no longer used to ride, but an artwork intended for observation.

mini(skate) is a «art of living» collection inspired by (skate)board, the original life-size artwork. The small-sized creations by Scalabrini are true objects of desire, available in a wide range of natural colors. Designed in close collaboration with the Dalla Pozza Marmi workshops in Milan, the series is conceived to offer a multitude of possibilities in marbles with infinite nuances. The mini(skate) are entirely hand-carved by the marble artisans of the workshop, whose excellence has been shining for several generations. Each specimen is carved from a single block, making each piece unique.

mini(skate) skillfully combines two worlds; a millennia-old Italian craftsmanship associated with a cult object from the American pop culture. Scalabrini drew inspiration from his academic roots and the collaborations that marked his unconventional journey between Rome, Milan, Paris and New York, where he lived for several years. This cultural blend led him to break down boundaries, fusing the significant influences that have shaped his journey into a singular object.